Hi, I’m so glad you decided to stop by and see what this blog is about. This blog has been many things over the years, starting with a snapshot of my life several years ago when I suddenly decided to go vegan, and culminating is the status of recovered from an eating disorder. 

Today I do on occasion post recipes I discover and create, but mostly I write. Several months ago it started with a post to appease my therapist as part of my recovery from a multi-decade eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder, but quickly turned into a live outlet of creativity. It has grown to be something I relish sharing as the biggest goal I have these days is to pay forward the support and love shown to me while going through 35 rough years of figuring out how to be healthy and love myself. 

I really hope that you’re able to find something useful in these pages, and I encourage you to subscribe to receive notice of my new posts and add comments to any posts you find helpful so I know what to maybe write more about.

We live in a big world, with too much hate, let’s put a little more love here instead.