PIZZA! It’s every vegan’s wet-dream. Or really it’s just mine. I have no idea what it is, but pizza is one of those perfect foods…if you do it right. The problem with vegan or plant-based pizza’s is that they basically suck. I’ve tried every brand, and while some are more tolerable than others, they just leave SO much to be desired. Not only are they processed to holy hell almost every time (like all other food these days), but for some reason the manufacturers think that because someone eats plant-based must mean they want some bizarre combination of toppings. Yeah, I’m talking to you Amy’s Brand! Yuck!
I am one of the LEAST picky eaters I’ve ever encountered, but when it comes to pizza, I just want a good slice. Not too thin, not too thick, and not too greasy. It’s gotta hit all those perfect comfort food cravings I get in this freezing Midwest winter, or it’s doing nothing for me. Now, this recipe isn’t perfect, and there is definitely room for improvement, but if you are like I was on Friday night and just absolutely NEED pizza that is closer to real food as possible and doesn’t require hours for dough to rise, etc. etc. Well, this might be a god-send for you. If you’re one of those people who actually enjoys the strange flavor combo’s of the current frozen selections at the store, then move along because this won’t have you hitting a high note anytime soon.
Happy Monday All! Every Monday is a little better with some Pizza!!!!
**Sorry for the potato quality of the pics. I REALLY wasn’t planning to post this recipe until I decided it tasted too good to keep to myself!**
Complete with paper plate…ignore the accidentally vegan  garlic butter in the background. FYI, just because I wanted vegan pizza didn’t mean anyone else did! Yes, my crust is burned. Still tasted like Pizza!

Amber’s I need Pizza STAT… PIZZA Recipe:

1 roll of Pillsbury Original Crescent rolls or Pizza Dough (accidentally vegan!!!)
Sweet Yellow Onion
Pizza Sauce (check that it’s vegan if that matters to you)
Olives, sliced (I used black because I had some on-hand)
Green Bell Pepper
Mushrooms (I had some baby bella’s on-hand)
Banana Peppers
Daiya Mozzarella Cheese (use sparingly!)
Italian Seasonings
Sea Salt

1. I used a nonstick mat on a cookie sheet, but I’m sure a pizza stone works too. I was REALLY impatient and didn’t want to wait to have it preheat.
2. Unroll dough. If using pizza dough you’ll have to shape to the size and shape you want. If using the crescent roll dough, then simply unroll, leave the perforations (you’ll thank me later).
3. Using a spoon, add pizza sauce to the amount of your liking. I prefer less, so I get the nice tomato flavor without the gooey mess of too much sauce.
4. Slice up toppings and add to your liking. This is totally preferential and would work just as well for those of you who eat meats and cheeses. It’s really about adding what you want to properly cover whatever size the crust you’re using it.
5. Sprinkle a very sparse amount of cheese over the top, then add your seasoning and sea salt. I prefer less cheese because I want to keep it as close to plant-based eating as possible and the dough has enough fat without adding more!
6. Bake in oven (I use a convection oven FYI) at 350 degrees (F) until the dough is cooked throughout. For my crescent roll pizza this amounted to around 15-20 minutes. Caution is recommended so you don’t burn your crust (like I did!).
7. Remove from oven and let cool a solid 5 minutes before cutting. To cut if using the crescent dough, simply cut in half across the shortest width and you’ll be able to tear the perforated triangles into smaller pieces!

Though the pics don’t do it justice, and gourmet it is definitely not it satisfied my pizza craving in less than 30 minutes and was great for lunch the next day too!


Wrap your leftovers in foil and pop in the toaster oven the next day for a fast lunch!