Short story before a SUPER easy chili recipe that will make your week a little less hectic.

Normally, I make a point of not mixing my posts. If I’m posting a recipe, then that is all I post, and if I’m posting about my journey to kick ED in the butt, then I am not including any recipes in the mix. This week, I’m including a little snippet of a story before the recipe.


I slipped up! I purged on Saturday. Friday I had taken off work to help my mom pack (she’s moving closer today!!) and Saturday we were due to attend an 80’s themed roller skating party. I was really excited about this party and had every intention of dressing up and having fun. The problem is that even after months of therapy, I know that I’m still going to stumble from time to time, and this was that day. I am not 100% sure what triggered me, but somewhere between putting on some high wasted mom-jeans and attempting to find a shirt that looked 80’s enough, the glance in the mirror caused near-hysteria. I stood in my closet, no shirt, pants unbuttoned and just cried like a baby. The problem was, regardless of the trigger, from that point on the day was spoiled. ED had found a way into my head on a day I would have otherwise really enjoyed. I ended up wearing multiple layers of clothing, not themed to the 80’s, and even eating things I shouldn’t at the party. It’s really tough when you have numerous food sensitivities that prevent you from eating certain things AND you also have ED. Ugh!

So, I made a post asking for some guidance and just good vibes in the Facebook group I am a part of, and got some great feedback to overcome my negative head-space. The purge came late in the day. I had had 2 bites of pizza and ate the cake (not the icing) out of a piece of birthday cake; my cryptonite! Those things have genuine allergens for me and the nausea coupled with ED that day won. I was SO disappointed in myself, but I also recognized it’s one day.

So here is what I want you all to take away from my ‘bad’ day. WE ALL HAVE THEM. Bad days are a part of everyone’s lives. Even the Joe-schmoe who will never understand or even realize eating disorders exist has a bad day related to food or image from time to time. Recognizing that a single day, a single moment doesn’t define me, and absolutely doesn’t give ED any more power than he had when I was so duteously ignoring him is what allows me to still believe I’m in recovery.

Enjoy this Chili recipe I’m about to share. It’s full of love, full of nutrients, and seriously easy on both the wallet and your time. Wednesday’s are my therapy night, so it’s always typically a slow-cooked Onepot meal for the family. This chili fits that bill in every way. Also, sorry I forgot to snap a pic of the chili, but I mean it’s chili it all looks fairly similar!

OnePot Chili (with ‘meat’ and beans)


-1 package of Boca crumbles (vegan, and any brand of meatless crumbles will work)
-1 small/medium yellow onion, chopped
-1 green bell pepper, seeds and core removed and chopped
-1 C of salsa of choice
-2 cans of Fire Roasted Tomatoes (I used Hunt’s Diced Fire Roasted)
-2 cans of HOT chili beans (check ingredient to ensure no animal lard, etc)
-1 packet of chili seasoning (or use your own homemade if you prefer)
-1 Tbsp minced Garlic
-Healthy shake ~1 tsp oregano or Italian seasonings
-Salt & Pepper to taste
-Approx. 1 C Veggie stock (I like my chili somewhere between soup and stew consistency but you don’t have to add this if you prefer yours really thick…but it may scald on the bottom)
-Optional ingredients: additional beans such as black beans, etc.; other veggies such as roasted corn; pasta (this is a must in the Midwest); Cayenne Pepper or other additional seasonings of preference.


1. Chop all veggies and throw into OnePot along with Meatless Crumbles. I use a thick wooden spoon that is square at the end to ensure all the crumbles are broken up and not in chunks.
2. Dump in all remaining ingredients.
3. Stir that pot until it’s all nice and incorporated. Because there aren’t any raw animal products I will sometimes taste my sauce to make sure I like the flavor and add anything else I feel it needs to suit my taste buds on any particular day.
4. Set OnePot to Slow-cook and 4 hours or more. Since everything really is just needing heated you can pick the timing to suit your life. If you don’t need to slow cook you can alternatively also just throw all these things in a pot and simmer on a low-medium simmer for a solid 40-60 minutes.
My personal preference is to eat chili with TONS of crackers all crumbled in it, but it can certainly be enjoyed with some fresh sliced jalapenos on top, vegan sour cream, or vegan cheese shreds. I just prefer to limit my processed foods, so I sneak in as many beans and veggies as I can.
If you make this chili, tag me on Instagram @ambergirl1226 so I can see your fab eats!
Happy Monday and remember if ED is biting at your heels, it’s just one day and it doesn’t define you or the next moment!