Get your mind out the gutter! This isn’t that kind of blog.

If you know me, or have seen me, you know I LOVE food. I also am a recovering bulimic, which means I have to very cognizant of food and what I’m eating in a day. Prior to getting in therapy I would sometimes spend hours constructing a menu for each week. Every calorie would be counted, ever meal planned to the measurement. It was ridiculous, and terribly unhealthy. It’s funny how at this point in recovery I can look at my natural tendencies, or personality and see that the same things that make me such a successful accountant and go-getter are also the same habits that allowed my eating disorder to rule my life for so many years. I’m naturally driven, and manage every minute of my day, but when my organization and management skills translated to food, it resulted in me spending hours upon hours of planning before I ever set foot in the grocers. I don’t know how I even did it all!

Once recovery and therapy started, all that micro-management had to be put away for a time. I had to work-up to a place where I could trust myself to plan a grocery list (and not just browse and buy) and know with zero doubts that the meals I would be eating were not being planned by calories, my weight, or other negatively impacting habits. Today, I tend to spend 15-30 minutes planning my potential dinners for my family, but that’s just the weeks I feel like being ‘fancy’. Most weeks, I come up with some general ideas from the plethora of recipes I’ve collected and just make a basic list for the store, but the overall meals and week are fluid, and don’t revolve around anything but getting the most time with my husband and kids! Because of this GIANT shift if eating habits (for the better) I now have a tendency to keep things much simpler and clean. I find that where I used to use those hours in the kitchen as fuel for ED (read about who ED is here), I now just want to spend as little time as I can so I know I’m feeding my body nutrition and sometimes killing a craving. It’s all about living a full life rather than only viewing myself as a failure when I wasn’t.

So to help the other bossbabes and momprenuers in the world, I’m going to share 2 fantastically simple, yet delicious recipes I use on the regular, so that you can spend a little more time loving yourself and those around you and A LOT less time on the things that just don’t matter.

Breakfast – Tofu & Veggie Scramble Burrito

Eat & Run


-Sweet Yellow Onion, 1 small, diced
-Yukon Gold Potatoes, 2 medium, diced
-Mushrooms, 8oz package, wiped clean then thinly sliced
-Green Bell Pepper, 1 medium, diced
-Extra Firm Tofu, drained but not pressed, crumbled
-Turmeric Powder, 1 tsp
-Garlic Powder, 1/2 tsp
-Chili Powder, 1/2 tsp
-1 Tbsp Vegan Butter (or healthier oil)
-Sea Salt, to taste
-Black Pepper, to taste
-Flour tortillas (burrito size)



  1. Melt butter in skillet over medium heat, then rotate pan to coat bottom.
  2. In small bowl add crumbled tofu and all seasonings except salt and pepper and toss to coat. Take caution not to mash the tofu but try and keep it in decent ‘egg-like’ chunks.
  3. Add the tofu crumble/seasoning mixture to the skillet and saute for approximately 5-7 minutes stirring as needed, until it dries out some and starts to take-on the consistency of scrambled eggs. Remove tofu scramble to bowl and set aside.
  4. In same skillet, add a little water and the the veggies and cook until tender-crisp, about 3-5 minutes depending on your preferences.
  5. Once veggies and scramble are done, simply spoon enough into the tortilla of each filling to make a burrito (about 1/4 C of total mix). Roll that puppy up and enjoy.
You can make these ahead of time and store in fridge for a few days for quicker breakfasts, but I tend to just make the filling ahead and store in separate containers. Then on the morning I want it, I spoon a little of each into a bowl, heat it for 30 seconds and roll in my tortilla. 
Lunch – Ramen Noodle Stir Fry
Nom Nom Nom!
-2 blocks of Ramen Noodles (vegan brand – I use Lotus Foods and buy in bulk at Costco!)
-Frozen Stir Fry Veggies, approx. 1 – 2 C frozen
-Soy Sauce, 1 Tbsp
-Vegan Stir Fry/Pad Thai sauce (optional)
  1. Cook noodles according to package directions but not quite done. You could eat them but they would have a touch of chew still to them!
  2. Heat frozen veggies in bowl in microwave or on stove top (whatever your preference) until heated through.
  3. Toss drained noodles and heated veggies together and add in Vegan Soy Sauce or Vegan Stir Fry Sauce (or a little of both) and toss to coat. Be careful not to overdo either of these as it will be too salty!
Watch labels of sauces that are premade to ensure you have a truly Vegan or Whole Foods Plant Based Product. There are a lot of great sauces, and even more home made versions that don’t harm other creatures!
So I know both of these recipes utilizes semi-homemade products, and I also know that for some people they prefer to make their sauces. I do too! The unfortunate truth is that sometimes I simply don’t have time to do that and still REALLY want a savory breakfast or carb-filled noodle bowl at lunch. By utilizing healthy flash-frozen veggies along with some choice sauces I get nutrient-packed meals that have everything my body needs on days when I simply didn’t plan ahead or have time to fiddle with a recipe. This also helps ensure I don’t make a stop at a take-away and end up enticing ED’s worst influences! So eat-up because these easy recipes are healthy and guilt-free and FULL of whole foods!
Happy Friday and PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH!