Depression is so much different from what we see on TV. The symptoms can be so gray, and go unnoticed easily, or be as obvious as the sun in the sky. Below are links for learning more, and also for getting help. Don’t ignore how you’re feeling.

Symptoms weren’t obvious for me, and actually took my RD pointing it out as a question. I remember talking about how I felt as if I was having a mini-mid-life crisis a bit earlier than planned. She asked me, “Have you ever thought it could be some light depression”? Seemed like a strange question at the time, though I agreed that I had thought of it, but because it wasn’t textbook I shrugged it away. The signs were there, and I easily kept telling myself it was ‘one bad day’ until it was many. For me, medication has  made a world of difference in balancing out my ability to view life through a healthy lens, but that is not always the best option. The important thing is to recognize that what depression looks like can be vastly different for every person, and to seek out a professional who is skilled enough to help you decide the next best step.

Here are some common and less common symptoms of depression:

  • Increased Appetitie
  • Weight Gain
  • Sleepiness or Excessive Sleep
  • Fatigue or Weakness
  • Moods that are Reactive to Environment
  • Extrememe Sensitivity to Rejection
  • Sadness or Depressed Mood All Day
  • Lack of Enjoyment of Things You Used to Love
  • Problems with Concentration
  • Thoughts of Suicide, Death, or Even just thinking “xxx would be better without me”
  • Anger
  • Addiction issues
  • Workaholic

I am not a doctor, and this blog is not meant to substitute for a licensed or properly trained professional. Any person who reads this blog is solely responsible for their own care, and not the owner or writers of the blog. It is important that if you have concerns over your health or mental health that you seek out the proper care from a properly licensed professional and do NOT simply take the advice written within.