I recently did a ‘story’ on Facebook of how I do my new 5-minute face. I say new because Rodan + Fields is officially releasing a new dermacosmetic tomorrow, October 1, 2018, that is completely going to turn the foundation industry on its head! So, quick plug on this product because it has truly blown my mind. Unlike other cosmetics, this is a skincare product that happens to also have a bit of color that you can build. I previously have disliked just about every single ‘dewy’ finish product I’ve used for my overall complexion but this one is an entirely different result, and I’m in love!

So, enough about plugging the brand of skincare and now dermacostmetics that I can’t live without. Here is your step by step guide to creating a truly 5-minute face that will carry you all the way through until you wash your face at bedtime!

Products I Used:

Finished Look
  • Rodan + Fields Radiant Defense Skin Perfecting Liquid in Shell
  • Rodan + Fields Mineral Peptides Powder(s) in Bronze & Light
  • Brow Gal Brow Kit with 3 color powders and Brush (Spooly and applicator ends)
  • Hikari Blush and Bronzer palette
  • Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara in Blackest Black
  • Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Lip in Ruler
  • Various Brushes for application 

To start, you want a clean and prepped face. I, personally, use and sell Rodan + Fields because I like investing in products that do everything they say. Lately I’ve been digging the Unblemish line for my morning routine, and the Reverse Lightening for my evening routine. So, for you all, start by making sure you have washed your face and any products you will be using you apply and let fully saturate and soak-in before starting. I can’t promise that if you use other brands of products in place of the one’s I do that your look will be similar or stay as long-lasting, but if you use these, it will last ALL day!

First things first, you have to apply your Radiant Defense to your entire face, including your lids. 

Amount of product I use

This product has a lot of positives, so I truly recommend using this specific product if you want the same glowing, yet long-lasting wear without looking oily or having your face melt-off during the day! For best application you will add a small, pea-size amount to the brush and dab around the entire face, excluding your eyelids for the time being. 

To buff this product in, it takes very little pressure and circular sweeping motions to blend it fully into the hairline, entire face, and jaw. I typically make sure the look will be blended completely and don’t stop until I am happy with the coverage and the end finish. Also of note, once you have mostly buffed the product in, this is when you will take the small amount of product still on the brush and buff your eyelids lightly. Too much product on the lids will create creasing, but a small amount will provide a nice dewy finish that doesn’t interfere with your eye look!

Buffed Radiant Defense

If you have need or prefer for a heavy coverage, it is best to apply this product in individual applications allowing each to fully dry. You can achieve a solid medium coverage but if you try to apply all the product in one application for a medium coverage you will end up feeling too slick and the finish will look terrible. 

Once you have applied your level of coverage you desire with Radiant Defense, you will be applying the 2 Mineral Peptide Powders as your eye shadow. We will be applying the bronzer first, then using the lighter shade to highlight and fully set the look.

Using a larger brush for all over application to the lid, sweep a fine layer of the lighter color over the entire lid surface. Next you will use a packing shadow brush to add the bronzer only to the actual lid surface, making sure to knock off some of the excess prior to application so you can avoid fall-out under your eyes.

Using a dome-shaped crease blending brush that has no product on it, you can make a windshield-wiper motion to gently sweep a little of the color up the eyelid until it is softly blended-out toward the brow bone, but not fully blended.

Using a different packing shadow brush, pack the light powder on the inside half of the actual lid, and on the brow bone. Do NOT blend or otherwise mess with the shadow at this point. Let it set while you finish the rest of your face.

The next thing you will do is to complete your brows if you are a brow-filling type of gal (or guy). I have used numerous products, but even more that the expensive brands, I love the Brow Gal’s trio of powders and the brush I purchased with it. I first use the spooly-end of the brush to shape my brows into the shape I want them to lie then using the angled brow brush on the other end, I pat product into the brush and starting at my inside brown I gently place the brush when my brow would naturally start and drag the product back into the remainder of my brow. Now, a side note, if you have very pale eyebrows or sparse brows, this method will not work for you with a natural application. It is important to use an application for the type of brows you have so that the end result is more natural and doesn’t leave you looking like a Sharpie!

Once you have filled and completed both brows, you will be moving on to the Blush-bronzer application. Now, you have some options here, and I change it up depending on my mood and what I’m wearing on a day-to-day basis. I, personally feel the contouring look is WAY over-done, so I prefer my contour to feel and look more natural. No more paint-by-number on the face! For that reason, I use either a really bright blush OR the bright blush/bronzing duo to achieve a more natural result that provides a slight amount of contouring without the fakeness so many do.

To achieve that look, you are going to use an angled blush brush and pick up a small amount of color onto the brush. Starting in the area across the tops of your cheeks and bridge of your nose (where the sun would hit) you will lightly apply and dust the color onto your skin to give you a slightly sunkissed look. Be careful here because its very easy with a bright blush to over-apply and end up looking clownish, so remember less is more and you can always add but its a lot harder to take-away!

The next portion of the face to apply the blush to is the jaw-line, then sweep it up the outside edge all the way around the face. I usually do mine starting with the bridge of the nose and top areas of the cheeks and then the jaw line, and finish by blending the remaining, small amount around the outside edges and top of my hairline. It ends up much more natural this way, so that if you even have very fair skin like me, you can have a very natural and beautiful finish.

After applying the blush/contour, we’re going to go ahead and apply mascara. Now, I plug Maybelline’s Full & Soft Mascara every chance I get, and it’s not because Maybelline has ever offered me any products in exchange for a review (though Maybelline I’m 100% on-board for that!). Rather, I use this specific mascara because it is the most fool-proof mascara I have personally found. Not only does it allow you to truly build coverage and volume, but it dries to a soft finish rather than a crunchy finish that ends-up flaking into your eyes later in the night. I love the stuff, so I’m going to keep plugging it because I don’t like to have something that flakes, smears, or feels hard and is bad for my lashes. This particular mascara allows me to keep swiping the brush over and over and truly separate out my lashes while providing a nice even application.

Last thing is lips! I personally have been digging one of two looks with this 5-minute face. I either do a berry-colored bitten look, where I don’t have much product on my lips, OR I will just use a long-wearing softer nude that has a pinkish-brown undertone that flatters my skin. It really depends on what I’m doing. If I want it to lasts all day, I will go with the nude color or commit to a strong lip, but the bitten-look works well with the overall glowy and youthful effect this look gives, so I’ve been using it a lot.

Now, I’m going to give my 2-cents on the popularity of the 18-hour wear lip products these days. I fell into the trap too, and I say trap because I personally plunked down tons of money of all the products on one particular brand and felt that other than the eye shadows and cheeks the products were worthless and didn’t work. Yes, the lip was cool, but an hour or two in my entire inner waterline of the lips had worn off, and reapplication on my lips (even after almost 2 months of consistent use) only left them a flaky and gross-looking mess. So, I prefer to use products that promise a long-last, but give me enough flexibility that I can wipe more of it off for a bitten look, or reapply without the look and feeling the specific brand I tried gave me. 

So for the pictures included here, I applied a solid coat of the Superstay Matte Ink by Maybelline in a darker color called Ruler that is a gorgeous berry-red, but since I wanted a softer finish today with my rose colored dress, I wiped off most of the product after application so I was left with a bitten-lip look. During the day I will apply some Rodan + Fields Lip Balm with SPF, but otherwise I won’t have to touch my face again until I take off my makeup and use my skincare at bedtime

I hope this step by step along with my Facebook video is helpful in giving you some ideas for having a day-to-day 5-minute face that can carry you through everything life might bring. I welcome any comments, questions, or requests for future looks and topics, and for those in areas like mine where the weather is turning, enjoy your fall day!

Cheers! ~Amber