We all have a story to tell…

Hi! I’m Amber. If you read my LinkedIn profile you’ll find a person who comes across as a very confident woman, but behind the scenes the story is much different. I’m many things, but confidence and knowing who I am as a person took me some time.

This blog was my recipe index, then it became a journey for better health during emotional crisis, made its way to a healing journal during recovery from ED, and has finally settled in a whole new place…one of paying forward the lessons in life that help others be their best selves.

I was born and raised in Indiana. I have a brother 7 years my senior, have always had numerous pets, though my favorite these days is Marley, my Bengal. My true journey and battled started when I was a wee tot, a mere 3 years old. Most likely caused by a foggy memory of being molested, I developed body dysmorphic disorder, and then later as a preteen Bulimia.

Throughout my teen and young adult years I put myself out there in all the wrong ways, and suffered more life events that molded me into a fighter. Eventually, I managed to find ‘my person’, a man who brings me solid ground when everything feels like its sliding out from under me, and who supported me through the very arduous process of getting help and healing.

I have two fantastic kids, though both are closer to teens than kids now, and I work as a corporate accountant for a massive multi-billion dollar global company. As if my life isn’t full enough (over-achiever anyone?) I also run my own business with skincare, helping others find support, a means of earning extra income, and having fun in my ‘spare’ time.

I am about as open as a person gets, so if you have a question, shoot me an email or comment, and I’ll reach back out to you.

I hope my blog, my journey, brings you something positive today and always.